Production Cost Report
Impact PP from Propylene and Ethylene (Slurry Process)

This report presents an up-to-date, detailed cost analysis of Polypropylene (PP) impact copolymer production from polymer grade (PG) propylene and ethylene using an improved slurry phase polymerization process.

United States
This report examines the costs related to Polypropylene (PP) Impact Copolymer production from polymer grade (PG) propylene and ethylene in the United States, using a typical improved slurry phase polymerization process.

Impact PP from Propylene and Ethylene (Slurry Process)

Cost of Production Report | PP E27A

Details: 400 kta United States-based plant   |   Q4 2023   |   106 pages   |   See Versions  From $799 USD

This report presents a cost analysis of a 400 kta (kilometric tons per annum) United States-based plant. You can add a customized cost analysis, assuming another plant capacity and/or location (country), when ordering an advanced version of this report.

This report presents an up-to-date, detailed cost analysis of Polypropylene (PP) impact copolymer production from polymer grade (PG) propylene and ethylene using an improved slurry phase polymerization process.

This report, PP E27A, is a best-in-class examination of Polypropylene production, providing an in-depth, comprehensive techno-economic analysis of the production technology examined, including:

  • Process Description: raw materials and utilities consumption, products generation, labor requirements, list of equipment, characterization of site infrastructure, process flow diagram (PFD).
  • Capital Cost Analysis: costs of plant construction, working capital, owners' costs, commissioning, start-up and contingency.
  • Operating Cost Analysis: variable costs, fixed costs (salary, benefits & maintenance) and corporate overhead costs.
  • And much more . . .

Report Content Highlights

Capital Cost Breakdown

Investment information on the requirements for starting an industrial plant, including:

  • Fixed capital (ISBL, OSBL & Owner’s Cost)
  • Working capital
  • Plant start-up expenses

Operating Cost Details

Costs related to the commodity production, categorized by:

  • Variable costs (raw materials and utilities)
  • Fixed costs (labor, maintenance, overhead, etc.)
  • Depreciation

Product Value Analysis

All costs associated with the product manufacture, including:

  • Total operating cost
  • Corporate overhead
  • Return on capital employed (ROCE)

Technology Description

Descriptions of the technical aspects of the process:

  • Technology maturity assessment
  • Process unit (ISBL) description
  • Site infrastructure (OSBL) description

Process Requirements

Main technical coefficients related to process operation:

  • Key process input & output figures
  • Utilities consumption breakdown
  • Labor requirements

Comprehensive Diagrams

Diagrams providing a full description of the process:

  • Block flow diagram (BFD)
  • Process flow diagram (PFD) & equipment list
  • Industrial site configuration

Implementation Schedule

Schedule including total project duration, commissioning and start-up:

  • Basic & detailed engineering
  • Procurement & Construction
  • Plant start-up

Capacity Analysis

Impact of capacity change on the following process economic figures:

  • Capital investment
  • Operating cost
  • Product value

Custom Analysis Add-on

Analysis for several scenarios of plant location and capacity:

  • Capital investment details
  • Operating costs details
  • Product value details
Report Versions


$799 USD


Key Process Information

  • Raw materials consumption
  • Block Flow Diagram
  • Technology Readiness

Capital Cost Analysis

  • Costs of construction (process units, infrastructure, contingency)
  • Working capital, owners' costs, commissioning and start-up

Operating Cost Analysis

  • Fixed and variable costs
  • Overhead

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$1,599 USD


Capacity Analysis

  • Capital and operating costs breakdown for different plant capacities

Pricing Basis

  • Main prices assumed in the analysis (raw materials, by-products, utilities)

Utilities Consumption

  • Breakdown presenting utility consumption rates (steam, cooling water, electricity, etc.)

Implementation Schedule

  • Schedule, including duration of major project phases

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$2,699 USD


Process Flow Diagrams

  • Schematic representation of relevant operations of the process, indicating main process streams, equipment and utilities.

Construction Cost Details

  • Breakdown of process unit (ISBL) costs
  • Breakdown of infrastructure (OSBL) costs
  • Plant construction cost breakdown per discipline (bare equipment, equipment setting, piping, civil, steel, instrumentation & control, etc)

Custom Analyses Add-on

  • Choose a plant capacity and/or location and receive cost analyses for an industrial plant according to your needs

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 Updated with Q4 2023 Data

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