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Our Business

The #1 Source for Chemicals Pricing Data & Production Cost Reports

Why Choose Intratec?

  •   Up-to-date economic analyses
  •   Independent assessments
  •   Trusted by leading companies
  •   Cost-effective offerings

our Portfolio

In operation since 2002, Intratec is a leading provider of chemicals and utilities pricing data and production cost reports.

We are a group of process engineers, market researchers and cost estimators with extensive industry experience. In a nutshell, our business is about providing up-to-date and independent studies detailing production costs of chemicals and utilities, as well as chemical commodities and utilities pricing data.

Our portfolio covers +300 chemicals and utilities, including basic chemicals and inorganics, plastics, fibers and rubbers, green chemicals and biofuels, fertilizers, specialties and more.

With a set of well-designed and cost-effective offerings, we serve a diverse group of customers from all over the world. Small companies and independent consultants often choose our +900 reports to ascertain the costs of a specific production process.

By utilizing our reports subscription plans, leading global companies have a repository of reliable and easy-to-compare process economic analyses. Subscribers to our chemical pricing data monitor monthly prices of +40 chemical commodities and utilities.

Intratec also supports customers needing more tailored analyses and data. We provide customized and yet cost-effective services through a structured work methodology, refined over 15 years and based on pillars like conducting services remotely, objective communications and no confidential data exchange.

Our studies and data have been used by our customers in multiple ways, such as:

  • To obtain estimates of capital and operating costs of chemical plants
  • To learn about the economic potential of R&D breakthroughs
  • To screen and assess industrial investment options
  • To monitor chemicals and utilities prices

We proud ourselves on being the originator and editor of the Chemical Engineering Magazine's monthly "Technology Profile" column that helps readers better understand critical aspects of specific chemical process technologies.

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