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We understand that sometimes clients may have specific needs and requirements involving very specific assessments, simulation models, presentations and/or training that our software and/or reports may not fit well enough.

Intratec prepares confidential proprietary services for companies in the oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical, plastic, renewable & allied industries, as well as engineering and construction firms, banking and other financial institutions and government agencies.

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Market Studies

In addition to the Global Chemical Markets offered, Intratec can develop tailored market studies, with more in-depth, comprehensive analyses of chemical markets covering markets’ segments, sizes, growth rates and trends; demand drivers and their dynamics; market entry modes; and expenses related to freight, multiregional taxes and customs clearance.


Feasibility Studies

Intratec can develop more detailed feasibility assessments than are found in our Industrial Processes Economics, acting as an independent third party with no direct interest in the project. Our capabilities include: review of basic information & due diligences; technical feasibility assessments; economic evaluations, encompassing estimates of ventures' profitability, capital and operating costs (CapEx & OpEx); definitions of consistent business cases for investment; evaluation/selection of independent licensors; and relocation studies assessing various locations for business operations.


Evaluation of Economic Potential

In addition to Intratec’s Industrial Processes Economics Reports, we can develop thorough evaluations of economic potential of chemical ventures, providing clients with complete insights, even in the early stages in project development. Our services range from critical assessment of the economic potential of a specific idea or research finding, to competitors’ analyses, comparing technologies and their economics.


Risk Analysis

Complementing Intratec software and reports, we offer risk and sensitivity analyses which support our clients at each level of project development, despite high levels of uncertainty. Intratec helps its clients make the best decisions through process risk models and economic risk models, which assess how project profitability is impacted by changes in several process parameters (capacity, availability, achievement of product specification) and economic parameters (sales and prices forecast, etc).


Capital Project Estimation & Reviews

For clients needing reliable capital costs estimates that are, more accurate/detailed than predesign estimates calculated with Intratec Industrial Processes Economics Reports, or even independent reviews of capital costs estimates developed, Intratec offers tailored services that include capital project estimations & reviews. With Intratec cost estimation services, clients can rapidly and confidently evaluate capital investment projects, even in the early-stages of project development.


Conceptual Process Design

From just patents or demo-plant concepts, Intratec synthesize conceptual / preliminary process designs that allow thorough examination of technologies and their economics, even in the early-stages of project development.


Process Simulations

As a complement to Intratec software and reports, we offer robust models of chemical process technologies, developed with leading process simulation software. Our simulation models, built from comprehensive research (encompassing patents, technical literature and non-confidential information provided by licensors) and Intratec’s in-house process database, are valuable tools for overall material and energy balance calculations, identification of key process indicators (raw material and utility unit consumptions) and preliminary sizing of major pieces of equipment.



Intratec offers customized trainings via in-house company classes to allow clients to gain the greatest value and ROI from Intratec software and reports by learning a structured methodology for the efficient prospection of promising opportunities within the chemical industry sector. We also offer courses intended to train industry newcomers as well as keep seasoned professionals up-to-date on the impact of the latest industry issues and trends regarding the ethylene, propylene and C4 production chains.


Executive Summary Presentations

Intratec develops executive presentations for companies’ directors, c-level executives and boards, summarizing the assessments presented in Intratec software and reports. Through meaningful diagrams, charts and tables, our clients explore key findings, both visually and analytically, gaining a solid understanding of the economics and competitiveness of chemical production routes and technologies.

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