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+900 Up-to-date Reports Unveiling Economics of +300 Chemicals Production

With more than 900 up-to-date reports for the chemical, petrochemical, oil, energy, plastic, renewables & allied sectors, Intratec portfolio is in fact constantly growing. We present below available reports ordered by chemical.

Chemicals Production Pathways Production Pathways Reports

Chemicals Production Pathways Industrial Process Reports

Learn Ways of Manufacturing a Chemical

  • About These Reports:
  • High-level, comparative study
  • 3 pathways starting from different raw materials
  • Description of pathways technical aspects
  • Comparative analyses of pathways costs
  • Covering up to 5 countries

  • Typically Used to:
  • Get introduced to a chemical and ways of manufacturing it
  • Compare the competitiveness of production pathways
  • Understand where each pathway is more competitive
  • Screen industrial investment options

Examine the Costs of a Production Process

  • About These Reports:
  • In-depth techno-economic analysis / feasibility study
  • 1 specific industrial production process
  • Detailed industrial site description
  • Capital cost breakdown & production cost breakdown
  • Focused on one country

  • Typically Used to:
  • Get an in-depth understanding of an industrial process
  • Obtain estimates of ventures’ capital and operating costs
  • Understand the feasibility of competitors’ technologies
  • Assess the economic potential of R&D breakthroughs
  • Evaluate / select independent licensors

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