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Production Cost Report Store

Examine Capital & Operating Costs of Industrial Plants

Intratec offers more than 900 up-to-date reports examining production costs of chemicals and utilities. Our portfolio covers +300 chemicals and utilities, including basic chemicals and inorganics, plastics, fibers and rubbers, green chemicals and biofuels, fertilizers, specialties and more.

In short, each report examines the economics of one specific production process, presenting key information such as raw materials consumption, capital investment and operating costs. Intratec Reports may be acquired individually or through one of our subscription plans.

In our store you can find Intratec reports organized by theme, i.e., by chemical or utility. Just click below on the theme in which you are interested and see all Intratec reports related to it.

You may also acquire Intratec reports for a fraction of the cost, and have a repository of reliable and easy-to-compare process economic analyses! See our subscription plans.

Why Choose Intratec?

  •   Up-to-date economic analyses
  •   Independent assessments
  •   Trusted by leading companies
  •   Cost-effective offerings

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