About Intratec

Excellence in Evaluating Chemical Markets and Technologies

Intratec is an independent research and leading advisory firm, recognized for excellence in the evaluation of chemical markets and the economics of industrial process. We are a mix of consulting professionals, market researchers and skilled engineers with extensive industry experience.

Since 2002, the software applications, reports and databases we provide have boosted the early recognition of promising research and capital investment opportunities in the chemical, petrochemical, plastic, renewable & allied sectors. Our products have been used by our clients in multiple ways, such as:

  • To understand chemical markets size, dynamics and attractiveness
  • To understand the feasibility of competitors' industrial processes and developments
  • To obtain estimates of ventures' profitability, capital and operating costs (CapEx & OpEx)
  • To assess the economic potential of R&D breakthroughs
  • To ascertain the economic aspects and risks of their competitors' research
  • To screen and assess investment options
  • To define consistent business cases for investments
  • To evaluate/select independent licensors

We proud ourselves on being the originator and editor of the Chemical Engineering Magazine's monthly "Technology Profile" column that helps readers better understand critical aspects of specific chemical process technologies.

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Products Differentials

Unparalleled Value to Our Clients


Up-to-Date Assessments

All Intratec products, both software and reports, are based on up-to-date economic data. This unique feature of Intratec products ensures that our clients will always access relevant and reliable assessments that enable timely and well-informed decisions


Value for Price

While the limited number of similar offerings in the market are priced in the range of tens of thousand dollars, our professional reports and software can be purchased online for a few thousand dollars.


Ease of Use

Designed to be extremely user-friendly and functional, Intratec software enables users to quickly and easily perform assessments of chemical production routes and technologies using several scenarios. Cutting edge functionalities allow users to explore key information both visually and analytically, gaining a solid understanding of the economics and competitiveness of chemical production routes and technologies.


Broad Usefulness

More than individual collections of information and features, Intratec software and reports fit together, comprising a common and consistent basis for the prospection and screening of chemical business opportunities. As a result, Intratec offerings work as a decision framework support, covering everything from the initial understanding of markets and identification of promising chemical pathways to the definition of business cases for investments.

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