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Understand Chemicals Production Economics

+900 Professional, Up-to-date, Easy-to-Understand Reports

    Chemicals Production Pathways Production Pathways Reports

    Learn Ways of Manufacturing a Chemical
    • High-level, comparative study
    • 3 pathways starting from different raw materials
    • Description of pathways technical aspects
    • Comparative analyses of pathways costs
    • Covering up to 5 countries

    Industrial Process Reports Industrial Process Reports

    Examine the Costs of a Production Process
    • In-depth techno-economic analysis / feasibility study
    • 1 specific industrial production process
    • Detailed industrial site description
    • Capital cost breakdown & production cost breakdown
    • Focused on one country
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    Understand Chemical Commodities Markets

    Online Data on +40 Chemicals & Utilities, since 2007

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    Our portfolio includes more than 900 reports, and data on more than 300 chemicals. Here you can find the reports and data we offer about the chemical in which you are interested.

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    Learn what we offer from our report samples:

    • Polypropylene Production Pathways
    • Propylene via Metathesis Economics

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    Chemical Process Library

    Snapshots of established chemical production processes, with overall descriptions of technical and economic aspects of examined technologies.